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Credit and Collection Documents !


Accounts Receivable Aging
Accounts Receivable Monthly Customer Statement
Agreement to Compromise Disputed Account
Agreement to Extend Debt Payment
Assignment of Accounts Receivable_Non-Recourse
Assignment of Accounts Receivable_With Recourse
Cancellation of Credit Line
Checklist_Action to Improve Collection of Accounts
Collection Follow-Up on Release of Pending Order
Collection History for Delinquent Account
Collection Instructions to Lawyers
Collection Letter Before Sending to Agency
Collection Letter Offering Additional Discount
Collection Letter Requesting Contact and Proposal
Collection Letter to Eliminate Disputes
Collection Letter to Resubmit the Statement
Collection Letter_By Collection Agency
Collection Letter_Clerical Errors
Collection Letter_Final
Collection Letter_Following Promissory Note
Collection Letter Follow Up
Collection Letter_Initial
Collection Letter_Referral to Agency
Collection Report
Conversion of Account to COD
Conversion of Account to COD 2
Debit Memo
Deliveries Held Until Past Due Balance Paid
Demand for Payment on Guarantees
Demand Future Payments by Certified Check
Demand to Endorsers for Immediate Payment
Demand to Pay Promissory Note
Denial of Request for Additional Discount
Denial of Request for Quarterly Billing
Denial to Extend Time on Payment of Invoice
Discount on Prepayment Option
Disputed Account Settlement
Disputed Balance Notice
Grant of Request for Extension of Time
Installment Payment Acknowledgment
Installment Payment Agreement
Letter Agreement on Repayment Schedule
Notice of 10 Day Before Collections on Delinquent Account
Notice of Check NSF
Notice of Check NSF 2
Notice of Check NSF 3
Notice of Intention to Sell Goods After Breach
Notice of Overdue Payment
Notice of Payment 60 Days Past Due
Notice to Small Businessman in Advance of Collections
Offer of 2% Discount for Speedy Payments
Request for Information
Request for Instructions on Deferred Collections
Request for Payment of Unearned Discounts
Request for Payment Credit Line Exceeded
Request for Replacement of Check on Pending Order
Request for Status Report
Request of Extension of Time to Repay Debt
Request to Contact Credit Manager on Past Due Account
Return of Late Payment and Denial of Discount
Return of Purchase Order and Demand for Advance Payment
Reward for Prompt Payments
Settlement of Disputed Amount_Buyer
Settlement of Disputed Amount_Seller
Transmittal for Collection
Transmittal of Account to Collection Agency


Apology for Accounting Errors and Past Due Notice
Apology for Not Crediting Payment
Apology to Customer for Accounting Error
Approbation of Financing Application
Approbation of New Credit Account
Authority to Release Credit Information
Business Credit Application
Charge Account Limit Raise Notice
Charge Account Terms and Conditions
Christmas Credit Extension Announcement
Company Credit Account Approbation
Company Credit Account Denial
Company Credit Account Denial for Unfavorable Report
Consumer Credit Application
Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer
Credit Information Cover Letter
Credit Information Request
Credit Memo
Credit Memo
Credit Reference Response
Customer Charge Card Approval
Denial of Credit
Individual Charge Account Denial
Inquiry on New Customer Credit
Notice of COD Terms
Notice of Credit Limit
Notice of Credit Limit Increase
Notice to Correct Credit
Notice to Stop Credit Charge
Opening New Credit Account
Refund for Returned Merchandise
Refund of Duplicate Payment
Reply to Request About Credit Rejection
Request for Credit Information
Request for Refund of Duplicate Payment
Restrictions on Credit
Withdrawal of Credit on Past Due Account










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