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Employment and Human Resource Documents !

Compensation & Benefits

Checklist Worker's Compensation Claims
Compensable Work Chart
Profit Sharing Plan
Simplified Employee Pensions Plan
Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option and Incentive Stock Option Plan

Contractors & Consultants

Acknowledgment of Independent Contractor
Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
Agreement for Professional Services
Agreement for Work Change
Agreement with Accountant
Background Check Permission
Checklist_For Outsourcing Agreements
Checklist_Temporary Help Agency Screening
Confidentiality Agreement for Consultants, Contractors
Confidentiality and Invention Agreement
Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement
Consulting Agreement Long
Consulting Agreement Short
Employment Agency Agreement
Extended Date for Performance
Independent Contractor Agreement
Request for Contractor References
Subcontract Agreement

Employee Records

Absence Form
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
Employee Emergency Notification Form
Employee Reference Release Agreement
Payroll Deduction Authorization
Post-Employment Information Release Agreement
Tuition Approval for Refund Request

Employee Reference Letters

A Tactful Way to Decline to Write a Letter of Recommendation
Employer's Verification on Loan Applicant
I am Most Pleased to Write a Character Reference
I Highly Recommend (Person)
Letter of Reference
Offer of Letter of Recommendation
Personal Recommendation and Reference
Personal Recommendation of Employee
Refusal of Request for Letter of Recommendation
Request for Character Reference
Request for Employment Reference
Request for Reference
Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee
Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee

Firing & Termination

Acceptance of Resignation
Acknowledgement Of Obligations
Announcement of a Retirement
Checklist Pre Layoff
Checklist Pretermination
Checklist When Should You Fire an Employee
Employee Dismissal Letter
Employee Proprietary Rights Acknowledgment Upon Termination
Exit Interview Form
Final Warning Before Dismissal
Letter of Resignation
Mutual Termination of Contract
Notice of Layoff 1
Notice of Layoff 2
Notice of Revocation of Authority
Notice of Termination
Notice of Termination False Employee Information
Notice of Termination Work Rules Violation
Resignation 2
Resignation Letter Going Back to School
Resignation Letter Moving to Another Company
Separation and Release Agreement
Severance Agreement
Termination Certification
Worksheet Termination of Employement

Hiring Employees

Contracts & Agreements

Acknowledgment Of Obligations
Assignment of Pre-Employment Works
Authorization, Waiver, and Release for Employee Credit Report
Background Check Permission
Checklist Employment Agreements
Checklist Employment Agreements Issues from Employee
Commission Sales Agreement
Confidentiality and Invention Agreement
Cover Letter Employment Agreement
Disclosure Notice
Drug Testing Consent Agreement
Employee Authorship Certificate
Employee Non-Compete Agreement
Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement
Employee Proprietary Rights Acknowledgment
Employment Agreement For Technical Employee
Employment Agreement At Will Employee
Employment Agreement Executive
Employment Agreement General
Employment Agreement Key Employee
Information Release Authorization
Letter to New Employer of Former Employee Non-Disclosure
Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement
Physical Exam Consent
Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement
Restrictive Covenants for Employment Agreements
Sales Representative Agreement

Forms & Checklists

Applicant Appraisal Form Evaluation
Applicant Appraisal Form Questions
Applicant Selection Criteria Record
Checklist 19 Strategies for Hiring the Best
Checklist Employment Agreements
Checklist Hiring Employees
Checklist Home-Based Employee
Checklist New-Employee Orientation
Checklist Pre-Employment
Checklist Routine Managerial Duties
Driving Record Check Letter
Educational Reference Check Letter
Employment Application Form
Employment Contract Worksheet
Job Analysis
Job Description Form
Job Description Example for CFO
Position Request Form
Worksheet Contingent Worker
Worksheet Delegation
Worksheet Job Requirements
Worksheet Routine Clerical Responsabilities


Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing
Interview Confidential Disclosure Agreement
Job Applicant Interview Script
Knowledge Worker Interview Questionnaire
Preinterview Questionnaire
Questions to Avoid During an Interview

Job Announcement

Notice of Job Opening Form
Notice of Job Opening Letter

Letters to Applicant

Applicant Confirmation Letters

Letter Comfirming Employement Terms
Letter Confirming Employment
New Employee Welcome Letter

Applicant Rejection Letters

Decline to Interview Referred Job Applicant
Negative Response Experience
Negative Response No Opening
Negative Response Qualifications

Reference Check & Thanks

Application Acknowledgment
Personal Reference Check Letter
Receipt of Resume
Reference Check Letter
Reference Check Phone Script
Reference Checking Form
Reference on Qualifications
Reference Request and Release
Thank You to Applicant for Testing


Announcement of a Change in Health Benefits Coverage
Checklist Directors and Officers Insurance
Checklist Health and Disability Insurance
Checklist Key Employee Life Insurance
Employee Request to Participate in Medical Plan
Explanation of Insurance Rate Increase
Request Immediate Insurance Coverage for New Employee

Managing & Motivating Employees

Discipline & Behavior

Acknowledgment and Waiver About Employee Dating
Checklist Investigating Complaints of Harassment
Checklist Progressive Discipline
Checklist Progressive Discipline Documentation
Employee Correction Form
Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior
Record of Disciplinary Action and Proposed Changes
Warning Notice

Letters & Memos

Addressing Harrassement
Christmas Bonus Letter
Christmas Employee Discount Offer
Commendation and Refusal of Request for Raise
Company Bonus Letter
Confusion Regarding Sick Leave Policy
Discounted Membership for Employees
Employee Suggestion for Company Meeting
Letter Explaining Family and Medical Leave
Letter to Sexual Harassment Complainant
Notice of Promotion
Notice to Employee Unqualified for Christmas Bonus
Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation
Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy
Offer of Assistance to Family During Employee Illness
Please Welcome New Employee
Promotion Announcement
Refusal of Employee Request for Early Raise
Reminder to Employee to Renew Drivers License
Request for Leave of Absence
Request to Locate Former Employee
Retirement Party Invitation Guest
Retirement Party Invitation Internal
Thank You for Submission and Request for Revision
Thank You for Support During Illness


Certificate of Employee of the Month
Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Difficulty
Complimentary Letter to Employee on Handling of Emergency
Congratulations on a Job Well Done
Congratulations on Increased Sales
Congratulations on Outstanding Achievement
Congratulations on Promotion
Congratulations to an Employee on 5-Year Anniversary
Employee Job and Motivation Improvement Meeting
Letter of Appreciation to Employee
Letter of Encouragement to Sales Staff
Motivation Survey

Personality & Ability Tests

Test Personal Flexibility Skills
Worksheet Strenghts and Weaknesses

Staff Management

Check Request Form
Checklist Harassement Investigation
Checklist Personnel File
Commission List
Employee Absence Tracking
Employee Records
Employee Shift Schedule
Employee Suggestion Form
Employee Time Record
HR Recruiting Guide US Department of Labor
Mediation and Arbitration Agreement
Overtime Authorization Form
Response to Employee Request for Family or Medical Leave
Telecommuting Agreement
Telephone Tracking Log
Time Sheet
Time Sheet
Witness Statement Form
Worksheet Telecommuting

Surveys & Evaluations

Checklist Giving Job Performance Feedback
Employee Appraisal Form
Employee Complaint Form
Employee Compliance Survey
Employee Satisfaction Survey
New Employee Survey
Peer Improvement Form
Performance Evaluation
Sexual Harassment IQ Test
Superior Improvement Form

Policies & Documentation

Absence Policies
Business Ethics and Conduct Disclosure Statement
Checklist 21 Things to Do for a Safe Workplace
Checklist Emergency Procedures
Checklist Ergonomics
Checklist How to Be an Excellent Employee
Code of Ethics
Computer Use Policy
Copyright Compliance Photocopying Policy
Disability Plan Long-Term
Disability Plan Short-Term
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Drug Testing Policies
Email Policy Strict
Employee Email Policies Long
Employee Handbook
Employee Handbook Receipt Acknowledgement
Employment At Will Policy
Funeral Leave Policy
General Safety Policy
General Safety Rules
Grievance Policy
Jury Duty Policy
Military Leave Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Overtime Policy Guidance
Paid-Time-Off Policy
Personal Leave Policy
Policy Letter on Vehicle Expense Reimbursement
Policy on Privacy and Employee Monitoring
Polygraph Consent
Post-Employment Reference Policy
Pregnancy Leave Policy
Progressive Discipline Policy
Prohibited Activities
Sales Commission Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Sick Leave Policy
Smoking Policy
Statement and Policy Prohibiting Illegal Discrimination
Telecommuting Policy
Third Party Confidential Information Policy
Time Off Policy
Time Off to Vote Policy
Vacation Policy
Work Rules
Workplace AIDS Policy
Workplace Violence Prevention Policy










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