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Finance and Accounting Documents !


Authorization to Debit Account
Authorization to Release Account Information
Confirmation Requested Bank Has no Interest
Notifying Bank of Additional Signing Officer
Notifying Bank of Removal of Signing Officer
Pre-Authorized Payment
Pre-Authorized Payment Specific Amount
Request Apology for NSF Check due to Error
Request Bank to Close Account
Request Bank to Stop-Payment
Request Bank to Wire Funds
Request Deferral of Interest Payment
Request Delay to Present Financial Statement
Request Increase of Credit Limit
Request Proposal for Credit Facility
Request Release of Personal Guaranty
Request to Bank for Copy of Credit Report
Termination of Future Guaranty
Wire Transfer Instructions Form


Checklists & Guides

Audit Information Legal Query
Check Disbursements Journal
Checklist Business Deductions
Checklist Key Record Keeping
Checklist Risk Management Essentials
Financial Record Storage Guidelines

Payments to Creditors

Apology to Receiver of NSF Check
Cancellation of Stop Payment Order
Demand for Extension of Payment Date
Escrow Check Receipt
Friendly Apology for Late Payment
Good Faith Partial Payment to Creditor
Late Payment Letter
Monthly Partial Payment to Creditor
Notice of Cancellation of Contract
Notice of Disputed Account
Notice of Rescission
Notice to Bank to Stop Payment on Check
Notice to Stop Credit Charge
Payment on Specific Accounts
Request for Refund of Duplicate Payment
Request for Refund on Undelivered Merchandise
Request for Verification of Receivable During Audit
Request to Bank for Extension of Time
Settlement Offer on Disputed Account


Accounts Receivable
Bank Reconciliation
Cash Receipts Summary Daily
Cash Receipts Summary Monthly
Depreciation Worksheet
Expense Statement
Expense Statement Yearly
Vehicle Mileage Log
Worksheet Escrow Fees

Buying & Selling of Shares

Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Business Assets
Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Business Assets Short
Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares
Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares by Shareholder
Assignment and Transfer of Stock Certificate
Assignment of Shares
Bill of Sale for Corporations
Checklist Evaluation to Buy a Business
Checklist Sale of a Business
Checklist Sale of a Business Critical What if
Legends for Stock Certificates US Corporation
Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business
Option to Acquire Shares from a Shareholder
Option to Buy Agreement
Proposal to Buy a Business
Right of First Refusal Agreement
Stock Agreement
Stock Certificate and Common Stock
Stock Option Agreement
Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Subscription Agreement
Stock Subscription Package
Transfer of Stock Agreement Short Form

Financial Statements

Advertising Expenses
Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Monthly
Balance Sheet Quaterly
Breakeven and Profit-Volume-Cost Analysis
Cashflow Forecast Monthly
Cashflow Forecast Quaterly
Daily Cash Sheet
Financial Projections 3 Years
Financial Projections 12 Months
Financial Ratio Calculator
Income Statement
Income Statement Monthly
Income Statement Quaterly
Salary Policy
Sales Projections
Stock Ledger and Capitalization Summary
Trial Balance

Government Grants Programs

Checklist How to Apply Government Grants
Developing a Grant Proposal
Writing the Grant Proposal


Checklist Insurance
Notice of a Claim to Insurance Company
Notice of Insurance Claim


Investment Calculator
Pre-Offering Summary

Investors Relations

Checklist Dealing with Shareholders and Investors

Invoices & Billing

Bill of Lading
Denial of Request for Quarterly Billing
Price Quotation
Purchase Order
Purchase Order
Receipt for Goods or Services
Sales Invoice
Sales Invoice
Sales Receipt

Loans & Borrowing

Debts & Default

Agreement to Compromise Debt
Agreement to Extend Debt Payment Terms
Assignment of Money Due
Denial of Request for Extension of Time
Notice and Tender by Debtor
Notice of Debt Acknowledgment
Notice of Default in Payment
Notice of Intention to Foreclose
Notice to Account Debtor of Assignment
Quitclaim Deed

Guaranties & Collateral

Demand by Secured Party for Possession of Collateral
Demand on Guarantor
General Continuing Guaranty
Guarantee of Account
Notice of Private Sale of Collateral
Notice of Public Sale of Collateral
Payment Guaranty
Pledge of Personal Property
Pledge of Shares of Stock
Prior Secured Party Notice
Revocation of Guaranty
Subordination Agreement to Secured Debt
Unlimited Guaranty


Bank Loan Request for a SMB
Collateral Decision Request for Loan Documents
Consumer Loan Agreement
Loan Application  Review form
Loan Calculator
Loan Calculator with Extra Payments
Offer to Loan Customers to Move December Payment

Promissory Notes

Balloon Note
Checklist Items to Consider for Drafting a Promissory Note
Demand for Payment on Installment Promissory Note
Demand Note
Installment Note Bank Deposit as Collateral
Letter of Default on Promissory Note
Promissory Note
Promissory Note Line of Credit
Promissory Note Payable on a Designated Date
Promissory Note Payable on Demand
Promissory Note With Acceleration Clause
Promissory Note With Acknowledgment
Renewed Note
Request for Extension of Time on Promissory Note
Secured Installment Note
Time Note

Raising Capital

Bank Loan Application Form and Checklist
Checklist Alternate Term Sheet Provisions
Checklist Due Diligence
Investment Analysis Summary Used by VCs
Statement of Investment Representation
Term Sheet
Term Sheet for Series A Round of Financing
Term Sheet Important Things to Know
Term Sheet Short-Form
Venture Capital Term Sheet Long-Form










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