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Legal Documents !


Affidavit of No Creditors
Affidavit of No Lien
Estoppel Affidavit of Mortgagor

Agreements & Contracts

Accept Option Extension of Agreement
Acknowledgement of Modified Terms
Administrative and Technology Services Outsourcing
Arbitration Agreement
Checklist Contract Terms and Provisions
Checklist Small Business Legal Compliance Inventory
Consignment Agreement
Contract for the Storage of Goods
Convertible Note Agreement
Covenant Not to Sue
Decline Extension of Agreement
Distribution Agreement
Extension of Agreement
General Non-Compete Agreement
Indemnity Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Letter of Intent for Joint Venture
Mediation Agreement
Notice of Dissolution Partnership
Partnership Agreement Short Form
Partnership Dissolution Agreement
Retainer for Attorney
Security Agreement and Promissory Note
Security Agreement Covering Consumer Goods
Security Agreement With Copyright As Collateral
Security Agreement
Transmittal of Documents for Signature


Agreement to Assign
Assignment of a Claim for Damages
Assignment of Assets
Assignment of Contract
Assignment of Lien
Notice of Assignment

Confidentiality Agreements

Author-Publisher Non-Disclosure Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement for Consultants, Contractors
Confidentiality Agreement
Customer Confidentiality Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement Between Two Companies
Visitors Non-Disclosure Agreement

Copyright, Patent & Trademark

Application for a License to Display Trademarks
Checklist  FAQ About Patents
Copyright Assignment
Guide for Buying & Selling Intellectual Property
Guide for Registering a Trademark USA
IP Sale Agreement
Notice of Infringement of Copyrighted Work
Patent Assignment
Patent License Agreement
Permission Request to Use Copyrighted Material
Permission to Use Copyrighted Material
Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement
Trade Name License Agreement
Trademark Assignment


Assignment for Deed
Assignment of Deed of Trust
Deed Granting Easement
Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure
Mortgage Deed
Quit Claim Deed
Transfer of Title Warranty Deed
Warranty Deed


Affidavit of Lost, Stolen or Destroyed  Stock Certificate
Articles of Association
Articles of Incorporation
Articles of Incorporation Not for Profit Organization
Assignment of Shares
Bylaws Corporation
Bylaws Not for Profit Corporation
Certificate of Incorporation
Checklist  For Issuing Stock
Checklist Contents of Private Placement Memorandum
Checklist Drafting Limited Partnership Agreements
Checklist Formation of a Corporation
Checklist Pre-Incorporation Agreement
Legends for Stock Certificates US Corporation
Pre-Incorporation Agreement
Pre-Incorporation Designation of Directors
Right of First Refusal Agreement
Shareholders Agreement
Stock Certificate and Common Stock

Leasing & Real Estate


Assignment of Lease by Lessee With Consent of Lessor
Assignment of Mortgage
Assignment of Real Estate Contract and Sale Agreement
Assignment of Real Estate Contract
Assignment of Rents by Lessor
Assignment of Sublease

Contracts, Agreements & Checklists

Addendum to Real Estate Lease Benefit of the Tenant
Addendum to Rent Agreement
Agreement for Permission to Sublet
Agreement to Cancel Lease
Agreement to Lease
Agreement to Rescind Contract of Sale
Amendment to Lease
Application for Zoning Variance
Assignment of Lease
Buyer's Property Inspection Report
Checklist Office Leases
Consent by Lessor to Assignment of Lease
Consent by Lessor to Sublease
Contract of Sale of Commercial Property
Escrow Agreement
Exclusive Right to Sell
Exercising Option to Renew Lease
Extension of a Lease
Guaranty of a Lease
Lease Agreement
License Agreement
Modification of Lease
Mortgage Note
Mutual Cancellation of Lease
Notice of Breach of Lease
Notice of Late Fee Owed
Notice of NSF Check Charge and Late Fee Owed
Notice Eviction Will Be Filled in Court
Offer to Lease Space
Option to Expand Space Leased
Option to Lease Agreement
Option to Purchase
Property Management Agreement
Real Estate Salesman Independent Contractor Agreement
Receipt for Lease Security Deposit
Request to Include Landlord in Tenant's Liability Insurance
Termination of Lease Obligation
Worksheet Location Conditions


5-Day Notice to Quit
Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent
Notice To Tenant of Rent Default


Landlord Notice of Termination of Lease
Notice of Bulk Transfer
Notice of Change in Rent
Notice of Claim of Mechanics Lien
Notice of Exercise of Lease Option
Notice of Exercise of Option to Purchase
Notice of Intention to File a Mechanic
Notice of Other Lease Default
Notice of Rent Default
Notice of Right of Rescission
Notice of Unclaimed Property at Auction
Notice to Excavate Along a Common Boundary
Notice to Terminate Tenancy At-Will by Landlord
Notice to Terminate Tenancy At-Will by Tenant
Welcome From New Landlord

Power of Attorney

Attorney Approval
General Power of Attorney
Limited Power of Attorney
Revocation of Power of Attorney
Unlimited Power of Attorney


Employee Photo and Recording Release
Mutual Release
Notice of Rescission of Release
Unilateral Liability Release










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