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Sales and Marketing Documents !

Agreements & Contracts

Advertising Agency Agreement
Amendment to Sales Contract
Bill of Sale
Bill of Sale With Encumbrances
Bulk Sale Agreement
Bulk Sale Notice
Checklist Partnership Agreement
Commitment Form
Conditional Sale Agreement
Contract for the Manufacture and Sale of Goods
Contract for the Sale of Goods
Distribution Agreement
Letter of Understanding Regarding Terms of Proposed Contract
Partnership Agreement
Partnership Dissolution Agreement
Sales Agency Agreement
Termination of Distribution Agreement

Bids and Proposals

Checklist Sample Format for Responding to RFP
Cover Letter for a Cost Quotation
Different Option Enclosed in the Following Pages
Enclosed Proposal for Review
Final Reminder  Terms and Pricing Good for a Limited Time
Inquiry About Last Quotation
Letter Enclosing Proposal
Positive Answer to Proposal
Proposal for Services
Reminder The Prices in This Quotation Are Good for a Limited
Resubmission of Proposal
Sales Proposal

Customer Service

Addressing Complaints

Checklist To Improve Customer Service
Customer Complaint Form
I Am Sorry You Are Displeased with the Substitute Item
Please Forgive the Error Made in Order
Sorry About the Mistake in Invoice
We Are Not Taking Your Dissatisfaction Lightly
We Received Your Return and Are Happy to Exchange it
We're Working on the Missing Shipment
We've Credited Your Account You're Right
We've Followed the Warranty to the Letter - and Beyond
You Are Absolutely Right - You Owe Us Nothing

Customer Relations

Acknowledgment of Customer Praise of Employee
Acknowledgment of Unsolicited Ideas
Apology and Tender of Compensation
Apology for Delayed Response
Apology for Poor Service Rating on Customer Questionnaire
Christmas Season Thank You to Valued Customers
Congratulations on Expansion
Congratulations on Formation of a New Company
Congratulations on Service
Customer Revival, Product Sales
Customer Service Action Form
Customer Service Request Form
I Value Your Business and Regret Losing it
Letter to Customer Not Home for Service Appointment
Please Complete the Enclosed Questionnaire
Recommendation Regarding Repaired Product
Record of Purchase Form, Warranty Registration
Request for Customer Feedback
Request for Pickup of Repaired Merchandise
Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement
Spontaneous Good Customer Relations Letter
Standard Cover Letter in Response to Inquiry
Thank You for Customer Referral
Thank You for Evaluation Product, Product Similar, Declined
Thank You for Evaluation Product, Product Unacceptable
Thank You for Favorable Product Review
Thank You for Giving Your Time
Thank You for Offer to Help Us Campaign
Thank You for Payment After Phone Call
Thank You for Product, Impressed, Declined
Thank You for Substitute Check After Denial of Discount
Thank You for Tour
Thank You for Your Confidence, Service Business
Thank You for Your Inquiry Price List Enclosed
Thank You for Your Kind Comments
Thank You for Your Suggestions
Thanks for Recommending my Company
Thanks for the Meeting and the Consideration
Thanks to Customer for Repeat Business
Thanksgiving Letter to Customers
Welcome Discount for New Enterprise
Your Input is Needed on a New Product Now Being Developed


Customer Return Report
Reply and Referral to Distributor
Reply Apology and Notice of Shipment in Replacement
Reply Notice of Limited Warranty
Reply Notice of Reshipment
Reply Notice of Shipment Being Traced
Reply Notice of Violation of Warranty Exclusion
Reply to Inquiry about Discontinued Model
Reply to Inquiry and Inability to Offer Substitute
Response to Improper Billing after Payment
Response to Invoice Received after Payment
Response to Request for Service on Expired Warranty
Return Authorization


For the Record, We'll Be Meeting at (Location)
May We Reprint Your Article for our Conference
The Presentation You Gave Was Very Helpful
Would You Be our Keynote Speaker
You Are Highly Recommended as a Speaker for our Banquet

Press and PR


Announcement of Catalog Price Reductions
Announcement of Change of Address
Announcement of Free Delivery Limitations Change
Announcement of New Area Representative
Announcement of New Discount Offer
Announcement of New Pricing Policy
Announcement of Partnership Buyout
Announcement of Price Increase
Announcement of Price Reduction
Customer Incentive Program Announcement


Checklist Trade Show Boot Setup.xls
Checklist Trade Show
Trade Show Exhibit Questionnaire

Press Relations & Releases

Acceptation of Invitation to Seminar
Confirmation of Interview Appointment
Congratulations on Article
PR Submitter - Online Press Release Distribution
Press Release Hiring of Key Employee
Press Release Major Development
Press Release New Product or Service
Press Release Promotion of Employee
Responding to Innacurate Press

Price Lists

Price Setting

Purchase Orders & Price Quotes

Letter Purchase Order Issued on Acceptance of Delivery Date
Price Quotation
Purchase Order
Purchase Order
Sales Receipt

Sales & Marketing Management

Clients & Service Providers

Checklist Communicating with Prospective Clients
Media Relations Policy
Prospecting Sheet
Rating Marketing Media
Request for Advertising Rate Information
Vendor Evaluation
Worksheet Business Insurance Planning


Checklist Sales Rep Evaluation
Commission Summary
Memorandum on Sales Seminar

Market Analysis

Checklist Benchmarking Considerations
Checklist Developing Services
Checklist Industry Analysis
Checklist Manufacturer Analysis
Checklist Service Strategy
Checklist Strategic Planning
Checklist Trend Analysis
Checklist Vendor and Supplier File
Cost Analysis of Market Research Methods
Market Study Outline
Worksheet Business Analysis
Worksheet Competitor Analysis
Worksheet Demographic Analysis
Worksheet Demographic Comparison
Worksheet Industry & Competitive Forces Analysis
Worksheet Target Market

Marketing Campaign Planning

Advertisement Approval
Checklist Direct Mail Campaign
Checklist Market Planning
Follow-Up to Personal Meeting Product Distribution
Market Development Program.xls
Marketing Campaign Evaluation
Preliminary Acceptance of Product for Resale
Submit Product for Distribution or Resale
Worksheet New Product or Service
Worksheet Products and Services Differentiation


Brand Loyalty Survey
Client Satisfaction Survey
General Market Survey
Importance Scale Survey
Market Survey B2B
Quality Comparison Survey
Quality Scale Survey
Rate your Company

Sales & Marketing Material

Brochure Business-in-a-Box.pdf
Brochure PR Submitter.pdf
Creating a Marketing Brochure

Sales Letters

A Mutual Friend Suggested I Contact you
Apology for Missing Appointment
Confirmation of Purchase Agreement
Confirmation of Verbal Order
Customer Letter for Departed Employee
Expiration of Service Contract
Free Business Needs Analysis
I Look Forward to Meeting with You
I Must Reschedule our Meeting
Introduction Letter
Invitation to Demo New Product Line
Let Introduce Myself as Your New Sales Rep
Letter Announcing New Product
Letter Announcing New Service
May I Introduce our New Employee to You
New Open Account Welcome and Terms Letter
Now is a Great Time to Reorder
Our Company Name is Changing
Our New Product Line is a Natural Fit for Your Business
Permission to Use Unsolicited Testimonial
Price Increase
Product Literature in Response to Phone Inquiry
Soliciting Testimonials from Clients
Special Pricing Policy for Repeat Buyers
Thank You for Your Order
Thank You for Your Request for More Information
Thanks for Visiting our Exhibit
Update on a Few Things We're Doing
Visit our New Web Site!
We Are Pleased to Announce our Recent Acquisition
We Have Extended our Business Hours
We Have Moved to a Bigger Office
We Would Like to Welcome You Back as a Customer
Wondering Why You Stopped Purchasing from Us
Won't You Join Us For a Party
You've Attained Valued Customer Status with our Company

Telemarketing Scripts

How to Develop a Script
Script Sample
Telemarketing Report
Telemarketing Tips










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