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Shoes Store 

Name Business No.
Ideal Shoes Moti Bazaar (M Akhtar) 0343-7590023
Ijaz Boot House Main Bazaar (Abdul Ghaffar) 0300-6762832
Home 374632
Abdul Manaf  0300-6768732
Amjad Shoes Center Sabir Bazaar (M Anwar) 0345-7182653
Al Riaz Shoes Store Muslim Bazaar  0306-6801320
Al Habib Shoes Sabir Bazaar  0300-6769219
English Shoes Store Muslim Bazaar (Arif) 0308-4853470
Home 374470
Geo Pakistan Shoes Sabir Bazaar  0313-6724614
Junaid Shoes Moti Bazaar (M Tayyab) 0301-7843513
Jameel Khossa House Ghazi Bazaar  0302-4281883
Jamal Shoes Store Ghalla Mandy Bazaar  0302-8766809
Chand Peer Mehal Shoes Muslim Bazaar  0307-8660324
Chishti A1 Shoes Muslim Bazaar  0301-7849177
Hamza Shoes Sabir Bazaar (M Anwar) 0302-7845107
Khalil Shoes Store Mujahid Bazaar  0301-4082016
Daud Shoes Store Muslim Bazaar  0300-6762303
Royal Shoes Center Ghosiya Bazaar  0301-7849177
Rizwan Shoes Muslim Bazaar, M Ismaeel 0306-8766174
Zain Shoes Mujahid Bazaar (M Saleem) 0301-7843235
Sada Shoes Center Mandy Bazaar  0344-8546602
Sumair Shoes Moti Bazaar (M Amjad) 0300-5545122
Sajjad Boot House Main Bazaar  0301-8090971
Sohail Shoes Store Mujahid Bazaar  0345-3996154
Shehzad Shoes Store Mujahid Bazaar 0300-2226704
Saim Shoes Center Sabir Bazaar  0300-8763233
Tariq Shoes Store Mandy Bazaar  0300-3769112
Umer Shoes Sabir Bazaar (M Haneef) 0301-2364239
Imran Shoes Moti Bazaar (M Aslam) 0345-7159366
Alvi Shoes Muslim Bazaar (Danish Anwar) 0300-8760397
Five Star Shoes Ghalla Mandy Bazaar  0346-4972365
Kamran Shoes Ghalla Mandy Bazaar  0301-7852055
Kashif Shoes Sabir Bazaar (Nawaz Ahmed) 0301-7847395
Classic Shoes Ghazi Bazaar (Ishtiaq) 0333-3520786
Lakky Star Shoes Ghazi Bazaar 0300-6767230
Naseem Akhtar Arien Home 374830
Mehmood Shoes Center Ghalla Mandy Bazaar 0301-7843620
Maqsood Boot House Mujahid Bazaar 374210
Naeem Shoes Sabir Bazaar (Mazhar Abbas) 0342-6278815
New Family Shoes Moti Bazaar  0301-3924611
New China Shoes Ghalla Mandy Bazaar 0301-7843549
New Star Shoes Muslim Bazaar M Ramzan 0331-6851003
Waqar Shoes Muslim Bazaar  374014
Home 840458
Arshad Ahmed Bhukhari  0300-6768014
Waqas Arshad Bhukhari  0333-6204006










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