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Map Of Layyah District


Sweets & Bakers 

Name Business No.
Al Fareed Sweets Bakers Hospital Road  0300-6761323
Ahtasham Sweets Karor Road 0302-2261213
Al Faisal Sweets & Bakers Kalma Chowk 0300-6762234
Muhammad Habib Shahid (Home) 374234
Al Fareed Bakers Civil Hospital Road  0300-6761323
Muhammad Akram Jutt  840680
Amjad Sweets Multan Road  0344-4116242
Bismillah Bakery Tower Bazaar (Rasheed) 0300-2169388
Chouhdary Sweet Shop Multan Road  374923
Riaz Hussain  0306-6766449
Khoshi Sweets & Bakers Kalma Chowk  0345-7176394
Sheerien Mehal Sweets & Bakers Main Bazaar  374191
Sheikh Server Sweets Multan Road 0300-6768926
Home 840576
Imran Sweets & Bakers Multan Road  374913
Shakeel Ahmed 0306-8664658
Azeem Sarwar Sweet Factory Ward 9 0300-6768926
Abdul Rehman Sweets Multan Road 0307-4585296
Ali Baba Sweets & Bakers Sabir Bazaar  374384
Ghosiya Sweets Multan Road, Tahir 0301-7843633
Faisal Lateef Sweets & Bakers Sabir Bazaar 0300-6762123
Home 840130
Faisal Saleem Bakery Kalma Chowk  0302-7842028
Malik Sweets Mianwali Road  374610
Samer Abbas Awan  0301-7848110
Munir Peer Mehal Sweets Super Market  0300-8855400
Merhaba Sweets & Bakers Ghosiya Bazaar  840777
Madina Sweets & Bakers Main Bazaar  840772
Haji Muhammad Hussain  0302-7846223
Nilo Sweets Multan Road (M Ashraf) 0308-7840997
New Al Kareem Sweets Karor Road  0307-6538612
New Al Asghar Sweets Near Hospital  0307-6538612
Hamdard Sweets & Bakers Sabir Bazaar 374110
Muhammad Haneef  0302-7840110
Muhammad Rafique 0332-6462110










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