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Auto Service

Name Business No.
Ishtiaq Auto Service Layyah Road 0307-6503687
Arshad Auto Workshop Layyah Road 0307-6954869
Badal Auto Service Layyah Road 0307-6535914
Habib Auto Service Railway Road  0302-8991731
Zaka Auto Service Bhaker Road 0302-4750905
Ramzan Honda Service Layyah Road 0303-7441623
Rehmat Auto Service Layyah Road 0301-7853930
Sajid Auto Workshop Railway Road 0306-6769647
Saeed Auto Service Layyah Road  0306-7842754
Shafique Auto Service Layyah Road 0346-4965391
Tariq Auto Service Layyah Road 0307-8661053
Zafar Auto Workshop Layyah Road 0302-4196300
Abdul Rauf Honda Specialist Layyah Road 0302-8761313
Imran Honda Service Warah Road  0307-6548501
Irfan Honda Service Laskani Road 0306-8668592
Abdul Star Auto Service Layyah Road 0301-7854684
Ali Auto Service Layyah Road  0300-7429641
Kashif Honda Service Fatih Pur Road 0306-7471479
Kashif Honda Service Layyah Road 0306-2423691
Gulshan Auto Service Kalma Chowk (Tahir) 0302-7848348
Layyah Auto Mobile Workshop Layyah Road 0301-7849671
Lal E Son Auto Service Warah Road 0307-7519032
Mukhtiar Mughal Auto Service Layyah Road 0300-8765895
Munawar Auto Service Layyah Road 0344-8548877
Malik Auto Service Layyah Road 0308-7847077
Mukhtiar Honda Service Layyah Road  0301-7840971
Munawar Honda Service Layyah Road 0333-6036272
Majeed Auto Service Layyah Road 0307-6546838
New Shaheen Auto Workshop Bhaker Road 0302-6766858
New Kashif Auto Service Fatih Pur Road 0302-5733761
Naeem Auto Service Railway Road 0300-8767053


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