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Book Center

Name Business No.
Azad Book Dipo UBL Road 0302-7950096
Asghar Book Center Aulakh Road 0308-6761445
Bismillah Book Dipo Basra Morr (Tariq) 0300-6769068
Bhukhari Dipo CDs Street Machhiyan 0306-8668516
Taimor Book Center Railway Road  0300-8909326
Khalid Book Dipo & Photo State Layyah Road 810479
Muhammad Akram  0300-6760479
Riaz Book Center PCO Committee Chowk 0332-6474450
Rana Jameel News Agency Basra Chowk 810253
Zubair Book Dipo Layyah Road (M Anwar)  0307-8767086
Saeed Kitab Ghar Main Bazaar  0346-8774015
Sheikh Kitab Ghar UBL Road 0303-7441006
Shaheen Kitab Ghar Layyah Road, Hafeez Ullah 0313-6765411
Loudhra Book Center Railway Road  810747
Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Loudhra 0302-8761508
Lal E Son Book Center Railway Road  0306-4216988
Mujeeb Book Stall Main Bazaar  0334-6943045
Mian G Book Dipo General Bus Stand 0302-7405230
Mitha Madina Book Center Ahmed Ali Road 309001
Mashy Book Center Janobi Bazaar (Mushtaq) 0307-8281283
New Adrees Kitab Ghar Muslim Bazaar 0306-7848058
Hashim Book Cener Janobi Bazaar  0331-7102009
Muhammad Hashim Sheikh 810115




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