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Electric Store

Name Business No.
Adrees Electric Workshop Fatih Pur Road 811217
Muhammad Nadeem Jut 0306-7849744
Ahsan Electric Store Near Masjid Khajoor 0306-6760580
Home 810274
Al Imran Electric Lighting Kalma Chowk 0333-6202194
Al Madina Decoration Light Bhaker Road 0301-6396415
Al Hamd Electric Service Committee Chowk 0303-7447641
Awais Electric Store Bus Stand  0302-8763685
Iqbal Electric Works Layyah Road 0302-7398517
Al Qaim Electric Works Fatih Pur Road  0308-3433149
Al Hafeez Electric Service Warah Road  0344-8509453
Al Majid Electronics Store Laskani Road  0300-7788227
Al Riaz Electric Store Laskani Road 0333-3797317
Al Rehman Electrical Works Laskani Road 0302-7849025
Awais Electrical Store Layyah Road 0302-8763685
Arslan Electric Store Warah Road 0344-7116040
Akbar Electric Store Main Bazaar 0315-7622892
Akbar Ali Shah (Home) 811392
Bismillah Electric Store Committee Chowk 0345-7622415
Bilal Electric Cooling Center Layyah Road  0302-8765087
Pakistan Electric Store Bus Stand 810231
Punjab Electric Works Layyah Road 0301-6389574
Sumair Electric Store Basra Chowk 0308-4857441
Khan Electric Store Layyah Road 0305-6868139
Umer Farooq (Home) 811111
Haq Baho Electric Works Warah Road 0305-3936806
Daiwal Electric Traders Layyah Road 811085
Shafqat Rasool Daiwal 0301-7841085
Diamond Electric Works Layyah Road 0301-7850146
Rehmat Electric Works Layyah Road  0307-6762188
Rizwan Electric Store Chowk Bazaar  0300-7434456
Rana Taj Muhammad  810610
Riaz Nizami Electric Kalma Chowk 0306-8668790
Rasheed Electric Store Janobi Bazaar 810320
Rasheed Anjum Arien 0302-7325824
Rafique Electric Store Bhaker Road 0302-6762387
Zubair Electric Store General Bus Stand 0300-6765894
Saif Electric Store Kalma Chowk 0345-7631633
Shani Decoration Center Layyah Road 0306-5582617
Tahir Electric Works Warah Road, Tahir 0307-8761514
Amir Electric Store Chindi Morr 0303-7474697
Ali Electric Works Warah Road 0346-2408735
Ali Electric Store Janobi Bazaar 0302-7849624
Forqan Daiwal Electric Traders Layyah Road 811185
Zahid Rusool Daiwal  0301-8684085
Masha  Allah Electric Store Main Bazaar 0321-6760556
Muzamil Electro Mechanical Kalma Chowk  0301-7842225
Mudasir Electric Service Street Dr. Surayya 0301-3276003
Nazeer Electric Store Layyah Road 0334-6976714








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