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Name Business No.
Iqbal Furniture’s Works Railway Road 0308-6768679
Itfaq Timber Mart Basra Chowk 0301-7841511
Al Fatih Amjad Furniture House Bhaker Road 0346-4962838
Ishtiaq Furniture Works Layyah Road  0331-6807859
Afzal & Brothers Workshop Layyah Road 0302-7846518
Al Abbas Furniture Works Layyah Road 0307-6761512
Al Habib Furniture’s Laskani Road Sana Ullah 0344-7062711
Bismillah Furniture Showroom Railway Road 0344-7026698
Bashir Zishan Wood Works Fatih Pur Road  0333-6200571
Bhola Furniture Mart Laskani Road 0303-6482205
Papu Furniture House Kalma Chowk  0307-6504548
Chouhdary Furniture’s Chindi Morr 0302-4317596
Rana Gulzar Furniture Mart Layyah Road 0302-7840409
Abdul Shakoor Furniture Shop Kalma Chowk 0301-3279388
Abid Timber Store Basra Chowk 0300-6760851
Fiaz Furniture House Railway Road 0305-7875033
Fida Furniture Works Warah Road 0306-8665974
Faisal Furniture Shop Layyah Road 0307-6546314
Lal E Son Furniture Fatih Pur Road  0300-5807741
Luky Furniture Shop Warah Road (Hafeez) 0301-7844214
Lajpal Furniture Shop Warah Road Sajjad 0303-5927427
Mughal Furniture Works Railway Road 0302-7840367
Multani Furniture Works Railway Road 0307-6954997
Manzoor Furniture Showroom Railway Road 0302-8764526
Wood & Wood Furniture’s Railway Road 0302-6761943
Khalid Foreman  0303-7454637












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