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Shoes Store

Name Business No.
Itfaq Boot House Janobi Bazaar 0306-8767981
Ahmed Shoes Store Main Bazaar  0306-6767825
Ayyob Shoes Center Janobi Bazaar 0303-7443828
Tabasum China Anar Kali Bazaar 0302-6467113
Bali Shoes Main Bazaar  0333-6201424
Janjoa Shoes Main Bazaar  0306-8666939
Chouhdary Shoes Main Bazaar 0302-6360848
Chouhdary Shoes Anar Kali Bazaar  0345-7181737
Habib Chapel Store Muslim Bazaar 0345-7621565
Khalid Boot House Main Bazaar 810832
Khalid Mehmood Ansary 0301-7842832
Khan Shoes Store Main Bazaar Athar Khan 0302-7846687
Raffi Ullah Shoes Committee Chowk 0307-3951564
Zubair Shoes Store Committee Chowk 0307-3951564
Zahid Shoes Store Chowk Main Bazaar 0302-7849476
Home 810878
Zain Shoes Main Bazaar (Nadeem) 0301-2441507
Saif Ullah Loudhi Shoes Main Bazaar 0307-2546783
Sabir Shoes Store Janobi Bazaar 0345-7181825
Sabir Shoes Store Chowk Main Bazaar 0302-8760360
Umair Shoes Store Muslim Bazaar  0307-3061265
Gul Khan Shoes Main Bazaar  0306-8667182
Golden Shoes Store Anar Kali Bazaar 0302-8764985
Luky Shoes Store Main Bazaar (Abdul Waheed) 0301-7853585
Malik Shoes Main Bazaar (Ramzan Jhaker) 0306-7471559
Munna Shoes Store Main Bazaar  0302-7849382
Mian Shoes Center Main Bazaar  0305-6563540
Naveed Shoes Store Main Bazaar (Azhar) 0306-8761058
Nomy Shoes Store Main Bazaar  0313-8721759
Naeem Shoes Main Bazaar 0302-6760559
Waqar Shoes Anar Kali Chowk  0334-6964407
Variety Shoes Anar Kali Bazaar 0343-7092009
High Gentry Shoes Main Bazaar (Shahid)   0306-6767970










































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