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Sweets & Bakers

Name Business No.
Insaf Bakers Laskany Road (Sajid) 0302-8762836
Asghar Masood Sweet Shop Bus Stand 0306-8764754
Al Janat Sweets Chindy Morr 0302-6965211
Al Faiz Sweet Corner Railway Station  0307-6623162
Ashraf Sweets Main Bazaar Sadique  0301-6040072
International Sweets Bakers Bus Stand 0331-6866011
Bismillah Bakery Main Bazaar (Hassan Bilal) 811393
Balouch Sweet Shop Chindy Morr 0302-8761718
Papu Sweets General Bus Stand 0303-7437702
Muhammad Javaid Arien 810454
Taj Mehal Sweets Bakers Chindy Morr 0301-3275504
Khan Sweets Main Bazaar  0307-8764337
Zishan Sweets Layyah Road Rehan 0331-6801782
Ramzan Sweets Bakers Laskany Road  0308-7849148
Rab Rakha Bakery Committee Chowk 0306-6768743
Sheerein Mehal Sweets Vegan Stand  810398
Tariq Javaid Arien  0301-7854396
Gulshan Sweets & Bakers Layyah Road  0307-6542584
Lal E Son Sweets Bakers Bus Stand 0302-7847696
Manno Salwa Sweets Layyah Road (Qaiser) 0306-7842336
Madah Hussain Bhatti Sweets  0305-6433766
Mehran Sweets & Bakers Janobi Bazaar  810624
Toqeer Hussain Dhandy  0301-5248120

















































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