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Tractor & Motor Workshop

Name Business No.
Akram Tractor Workshop Layyah Road  0306-6761771
Pak Tractor Workshop Layyah Road 0306-8669627
Mechanic Bilal 0301-7858546
Bhaker Motor Workshop Layyah Road 0307-5376586
Mazhar Abbas Painter  0306-4029588
Muhammad Ayoob  0307-2433868
Khalid Poshish Works Layyah Road 0303-7445048
Haji Adrees Workshop Layyah Road 810465
Zulfqar Bhutta Tractor Workshop Layyah Road 0307-6762415
Rafique Shehzad Auto Workshop Warah Road  0307-6504136
Shareef Tractor Workshop Layyah Road 0307-8660352
Sofy Tahir Poshish Works Layyah Road 0302-7846763
Ata Ullah Readiator Works Layyah Road 0306-8760763
Kashan Motor Workshop Layyah Road 811168
Karachi Motor Workshop Layyah Road 0300-3570013
Lahori Tractor Workshop Layyah Road  0300-6768093
Home 810293
Mujahid Car AC Workshop Layyah Road  811100
Mujahid Hussain Louther  0345-7181815
Master Caltech Plate Service Layyah Road 0302-7840411
Nadeem Tractor Workshop Layyah Road 0301-7858587
























































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