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Beauty Parlor & Marriage Burro

Name Business No.
Islamic Marriage Burro Eid Gah Road  315978
Wajid Gilani  0300-6761884
Anmol Beauty Parlor  0307-6763648
SJ Beauty Salon Street National Bank 414336
Apex Beauty Clinic  0344-7985958
Blooms Beauty Salon Mohallah Hafiz Abad  0301-3275545
Prime Rose Aqab Girls College  310757
Tulip Beauty Salon Near Jinah Park  0331-6820399
Tines Beauty Clinic TDA Colony  309570
Chand Beauty Parlor Housing Colony 0300-6767476
Chandni Beauty Parlor Mohallah Faiz Abad  0345-7627518
The Bridal Pales Layyah Mainer 319139
Dua Beauty Parlor Mohallah Shreef Pura   0307-6505700
Sohny Parlor Mohalla Bailay Wala 0300-6762263
Sumaira Beauty Parlor  413587
Sukh Chayn Beauty Salon  0334-7726658
She Beauty Parlor Employees Colony  410649
Fancy Beauty Parlor Circular Road 0313-2969988
Good Luk Beauty Parlor Housing Colony 0306-8668083
Lubnaz Beauty Parlor Near Layyah Mainer 0334-6967077
Merum Beauty Parlor Housing Colony 0302-7849953
Mubarak Zain Beauty Salon Canal Rest House 413416
Mehak Beauty Parlor Kalma Chowk 0333-7044101
Nimrah Beauty Parlor Mohallah Bailay Wala 411120
New Luk Beauty Parlor TDA Colony  414255
Nice Beauty Clinic Housing 411597
Nikhar Beauty Parlor Near Tehsile Concil 0300-6767809
Women Community Center TDA Chowk 410605


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