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Audio/ Video Sound Center in Layyah

Name Business No.
Ahmed Akko Sound Serves Chobara Road  0300-6764164
Altaf Movies Eid Gah Road  412189
 Sayyad Altaf Hussain Naqvi  0300-6762189
Asghar Video Center Lally Lal Road  0307-5095277
Aslam Music Lally Lal Road  0345-3816626
Al Javaid Movies Lally Lal Road 0300-6760212
Eagle Akko Sound Lally Lal Road 0300-6765917
Ansari Movies & Mobile Lally Lal Road  0306-7461187
Andaz Movies Old Balouch Adda 0346-4939114
Billo G Movies Lally Lal Road  0300-6762510
Billa G Music Center Eid Gah Road  0333-6202787
PC Tack CD Center College Road  0333-8910220
Rana Fahid Ali  0346-6234567
Khan CD House Lally Lal Road  0300-8761920
Disco Music Center Circular Road 0333-8917001
Rehman Movies Merany Market  0307-7842266
Zain Studio Housing Colony  0332-6449585
Zain CDs Eid Gah Road  220043
Zahid Cassette House Cinema Road  0333-6205488
Star CDs Cinema Road  0301-8735385
Sajan Music Center Chonggi No.6 0313-6760630
Shaheen Music Center Cinema Road  0333-8918334
Shalimar Cassette House Lally Lal Road  0333-6200617
Almgeer Movies & Mobiles Chobara Road  410006
Ali Movies Chobara Road  0302-3753677
Moti Cassette Center Chobara Road  0331-6814973
Malik Movies Janobi Bazaar  0300-6766567
Noman CD Point Bombay Bazaar  0305-6866270
Mojahid Music Center Cinema Road 0300-6767817
Merany CDs Railway Chowk  0301-7855047
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