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Electirc Service in Layyah

Name Business No.
Azhar Electric Serves Eid Gah Road 0306-6768702
Al Makkah Electric Works Lally Lal Road  0300-8761832
Ijaz Armaitcher Winder Lally Lal Road  0306-8665717
Arshad Electric Workshop Chobara Road  0307-6536776
Anwar Ali Kanjo Electrician Chowk Eid Gah  0302-5299096
Afzal Electric Repairing Lally Lal Road  0334-6955060
Al Imran Electric Serves Chobara Road 0300-8765801
Iftikhar Electric Store College Road  0306-8761993
Al Majeed Electric Serves College Road  0300-8766498
Al Bilal Electric Store Janobi Bazaar  0346-4961631
Usama Electric Serves Sabzi Chowk  0334-6971884
Al Shahbaz Cooler Makers Chobara Road  0300-6761678
M Sohail Electric Store Gulistan Cinema 0300-6765684
Bismillah Electric Serves Eid Gah Road  0300-8763094
Janjoa Electric Serves Sumra Market  0302-8763517
Khan Electric Serves Multan Road 0300-6761834
Don Electric Serves  0332-6471881
Riaz Electric Serves Kalma Chowk  0301-4819200
Sunlight Cooler Workshop Gulistan Road  0333-6201193
Sajid Electric Serves Masjid Walidad  0301-7841415
Sahil UPS Lally Lal (Haroon) 0321-6762272
Saleem Electric Serves Eid Gah Road  0307-7589845
Tayab Electric Serves Sugar Mills  0300-8765861
Abdul Majeed Electric Serves Eid Gah Road 0334-6975322
Aziz Ahmed Electrician Opposite Church  0346-4968869
Umer Electric Center Eid Gah Road 0334-6957649
Ghulam Qasim Electric Serves Kalma Chowk  0307-8663115
Fareed Electric Repairing Aslam Morr  0300-8766567
Kakoo Electric Serves Hussaini Chowk 0333-6205493
Qadeer Hussain Naqvi (Billo Shah) Lally Lal 0307-6536058
Qasim Electric Serves Aslam Morr  0300-6764045
Layyah Electric & Sound Eid Gah Road 0345-3743149
Sayyad Har Abbas 0300-8761484
Mastana Electric Serves Street Mastana 0313-7622756
Munir Electric Serves Eid Gah Road 0307-8763594
Mushtaq Electric Serves Eid Gah Road 0307-6503097
Makkah Tul Makkarm Electric Serves  0302-4228566
Mash Allah Electric Serves Eid Gah Road 0302-6767642
Naveed Tariq Electric Center Layyah Mainer  0300-6768001
Noor Electric Serves Chobara Road  0307-6539966
Nawaz Electric Serves Eid Gah Chowk  0302-5299096
National Transform & Electronics 412568
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