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Mobile Sells & Service in Layyah

Name Business No.
Al Hunain Repairing Lab Lally Lal Road 410075
Al Madina Mobiles Chobara Road  0300-6766290
Al Hamad Mobiles Chobara Road  412522
SMS Mobiles Chobara Road  0302-7005771
Awais Mobile Chobara Road  0300-6766822
Al Aqsa mobiles College Road  414343
Zulfqar Ahmed Saharen 0300-6769192
Al Azeem Computers & Mobiles Housing  0300-6767282
Al Wahab Communication Chowk Fawara  0306-8667383
Al Nadeem Mobiles Exchange Lally Lal Road 0306-8768889
Al Rehman Mobiles Phone Service 0333-6205756
Al Makkah Mobiles Lally Lal Road  0300-6764169
Al Qamer Mobile Center Circular Road  0306-7461315
Al Hussain Mobiles Cinema Road  0302-7400637
Al Hassan Mobiles Circular Road  0303-7102050
Al Hassan Mobiles Ajmal Railway Chowk 0331-6821896
Al Javaid Mobiles Lally Lal Road  0300-6764008
Al Hamad Mobiles Opp: Paracha Petroleum 0333-6203322
Al Qamer Mobiles Chobara Road  0302-6760055
Asghar Mobiles Eid Gah Chowk  0300-8766063
Al Jibran Mobiles Hospital Road (Nadeem) 0301-6334613
Al Janat Mobiles Eid Gah Road  0302-7837518
Aman Mobiles Near Ashraf Ul Madaris  0346-4986886
Bismillah Mobiles Eid Gah Chowk  0313-8764201
Bismillah Mobiles Faiz Chowk By Pass  0308-7340993
PC World College Road 413033
Nutkani Mobiles Repairing Lab College Road 413000
Sulaiman Nutkani Tariq  0313-6767070
Geo Five Star Mobiles Chobara Road  410855
Jogno Mobiles Eid Gah Road 0301-6764597
China Mobiles Chobara Road  0302-7849008
Chan Tara Mobiles Behram Road  0308-7434592
Hashir Mobiles Chobara Road  306342
Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Asif  0300-8765370
Hamza Communication College Road  412685
Kamran Asghar Bodla  0300-6767466
Hussain Mobiles College Road  0300-6763492
Hassan Abdullah Mobile Bus Stand  0302-7402945
Haseeb Mobiles Lally Lal Road  220048
Hassan Mobile College Road  0300-6762025
Hassan Mobile National Market  0334-6940693
Haidery Mobiles, PCO Chonggi No.10 0301-6845010
Khan Mobile Near Khan The Hatti 0302-7407195
Khan Mobile General Bus Stand  0300-6763699
Durani Mobile Shop Chowk Fawara  0302-7400730
Dogar Mobile Zone College Road 0300-6764500
Doctors Mobiles Chowk Fawara  0300-6765125
Don Mobiles College Road  320260
Shafqat Mehmood Arien  0300-6764188
Zishan Mobiles Eid Gah Chowk  0333-6201107
Rana Mobiles Chobara Road  0300-6762986
Riyan Mobiles Photo State Aslam Morr  0300-7849081
Zain Mobiles Circular Road  0302-3900300
Subhan Mobiles Liberty Market  0333-4833809
City Mobiles Opposite Thana City  0301-6205490
Sajjad Mobiles Opposite Thana City  0307-5513030
Sibar Mobiles Near Office Highway  0300-6761146
Sundar Mobiles Lally Lal Road  0301-7853308
Sumair Mobile Center Circular Road  0302-7408271
Smile Mobiles Circular Road 410288
Star Mobiles Chobara Road   0333-6202321
Shahzad Mobiles Eid Gha Raod  0313-6744950
Sheeza Mobiles College Road  0333-6575335
Shaheen Mobile Shop Eid Gah Chowk 0302-6765005
Shah Habib Mobiles Kalma Chowk  220054
Zafar Iqbal Niazi  0300-8762372
Own Mobiles Multan Road  0300-8766541
Ali Mobiles Housing Market  220118
Ali Mobiles Cinema Road  0300-7305853
Adeel Mobiles Eid Gah Road 0300-9181717
Adeel Mobiles Kalma Chowk  0301-8763706
Imran Mobiles Repairing Eid Gah Road  0302-8761880
Usman Communication Chobara Road  0312-6764558
Ghouri Mobiles Eid Gah Road  0300-8761530
Friends Mobiles Eid Gah Road  0302-7405068
Fahad Mobiles Aslam Morr 0333-6204669
Faisal Mobiles Lally Lal Road  410377
Nadeem Haider Langha  0300-6765624
KN Mobile Zone Lally Lal Road  0306-7849046
Classical Mobile Chobara Road  0301-7851900
Kallo Mobiles Eid Gah Road  0300-2499075
Gishkori Mobiles Center Lally Lal Road  0344-8541012
Lasani Communication Naz Cinema Morr 0300-6760006
Layyah Mobiles Naz Cinema Road  0314-6636029
Luky Movie & Mobiles Chonggi No.10 0306-8661375
Luky Mobiles & CDs Lally Lal Road  0300-6767828
Milan Mobiles Naz Cinema Road  0300-7379048
Mobile City Eid Gah Road  317240
Mobile Zone Repairing Center College Road  0300-6764500
Mobile Range Lally Lal Road  413646
Mobile Club (Waseem) Eid Gah Road  0333-6205460
My Phone Aslam Morr (Farooq Guryani) 0300-4144310
Madni Mobiles Lally Lal Road  0300-8761141
Mohsin Mobiles LAlly Lal Road  0300-8761996
Malik Mobiles Electronics Lally Lal Road  0300-6763512
Modran Mobile Chowk Fawara  0307-6500005
Mudasir Mobile General Bus Stand  0307-6547885
Mokadas Mobiles & CDs Chowk Fawara  414717
New Don Mobile Chowk Qasaban  0331-6864920
New Dawood Phone Center Lally Lal Road  414313
Rana Sajid Qamer  0300-8766313
Networld Mobiles College Road  0302-7406135
New Alhunain Communication 412929
New Zain Mobiles Lally Lal Road  0300-6761595
Wikky Mobiles Chobara Road  0333-6204334
Waseem Mobiles General Bus Stand  0307-7447625
Yasir Mobiles Lally Lal Road  0301-7845099
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