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Electric Stores in Layyah

Name Business No.
Arham Electric Store Chobara Road  412718
Sheikh Abdul Qayyom, Nasir Iqbal 0300-8765618
Al Qamer Electric Store Choabara Road  317499
Al Haider Electric Store Aslam Morr  319557
Tahir Sipal  0334-6979192
Arshad Electric Store Eid Gah Road  0301-7848292
Ayaz Electric Store Chonggi No.6 0307-6549680
Al Mursaleen Electric Store Kalma Chowk 410394
Al Faiz Electric House Eid Gah Road  0334-3080374
Al Jadeed Electric Store Chobara Road 0300-8761560
Amjad Electric Store General Bus Stand 0307-8665907
Sana Electric Store Chobara Road  0303-7443630
Japan Electric Center Chobara Road  413833
Riaz Hussain Gutt 0300-6766833
Chouhdary Electric Store Chobara Road 0300-3696231
Khizar Electric Store Kachahry Road  0303-7435800
Dilawar Electric Store Bus Stand  0301-3779892
Ramzan Khan Electirc Lally Lal Store  0334-6951970
Zaid Electric Store Railway Morr  0306-7845007
Sundar Electric Store Store Chobara Road  0332-6440318
Subhan Electric Store Mian Bhadur Morr 0306-6761539
Sajid Electric Store Chobara Road  410464
Wajid Hameed Chouhdary  0300-6762464
Shabab Electric Store Eid Gah Road  0323-7330396
Zafar Electric Store Chobara Road 0306-7844299
Azeem Light Pales Sabzi Chowk 0334-6946020
Usman Electric Store Mian Bhadur Morr 317819
Haji Nazer Ahmed Toor  0302-5688220
Adil Electric Store Aslam Morr  0306-7461525
Ghosiya Electric Store Mian Bhadur  0301-7833081
Asghar Ali Shahid  0307-7843951
Faisal Electric Store Chowk Azam Road 0306-7461454
Qureshi Electric Store Circular Road  413015
Lasani Electric Store Eid Gah Road 0301-7859023
Lairik Electronics Eid Gah Store  0300-6764796
Mukhtiar Electric Store Chobara Road  0303-7447002
Mubashir Electric Store Chobara Road  414666
Mubashir Hameed  0300-7306378
Madina Electric Store Chobara Road   41206
Abdul Rehman Arien 0306-6763616
Malik Electric Store Chobara Road 414341
Malik Ghazanfar Ali 0300-8763641
Mian Electric Store Chowk Fawara 411741
Naveed Electric Store Circular  0300-6766074
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