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Electronics Workshop

Name Business No.
Al Riaz Refrigeration Chobara Road  0300-6767937
Al Farooq Radio Serves Liberty Market 411491
Al Abbas Electronics & Movies Lally Lal Road  413225
Ghulam Abbas 0300-8764225
Akbar Electronics Lally Lal Road  0334-6942327
Al Murtaza Electronics Station Road 0302-7361478
Al Rehman Electronics Muslim Markeet 0300-8767060
Al Mohsin Electronics Chobara Road 0300-6760342
Irshad Electronics Lally Lal Road  0301-4355533
Al Rehman Cooling Center Eid Gah Road 0306-8769834
Al Rehman Refrigeration Center 0307-7843310
Al Imran Cooling Center Housing  0343-7581957
Al Makkah Refrigeration Chobara Road  0306-7843515
EPCO Solar Energy Center Chobara Road 412390
Mirza Arif Razaq 0300-6201015
Al Rehman Electronics Muslim Market 0313-6760874
Al Mansoor Refrigeration Gulistan Road 0302-8762617
Pakistan Cooling Center Muslim Market 0302-7846937
Pervaiz Refrigeration Serves  0333-6209105
Paradise Electronics Lally Lal Road  0306-5495854
Pak Power U.P.S Near Balouch Terminal 221927
Sheikh Umer Farooq  0333-6201927
Saqib Cooling Center Muslim Market  0306-6763824
Haidery Khan Electronics Chonggi No.10 0301-4518250
Dastgeer Refrigeration Janobi Bazaar 0313-6721748
Rizwan Cooling Center Circular Road 0300-8764221
Ramzan Electronics Lally Lal Road  0300-8760670
Riaz Electronics Lally Road 0306-8765032
Zain Traders Chowk Fawara  0306-5617991
Zubair Refrigeration Chobara Road 0300-6768405
Sajid Electronics Cinema Road 0300-6766379
Saleem Electronics Lally Lal Road  0301-2706843
Sohail Electronics Lally Lal Road 0308-8760263
Sobhan Allah Refrigeration Chobara Road 0301-7852582
Shamsheer Electronics Chobara Road  0333-5428036
Shahid Cooling Center Lally Lal Road 0301-7847372
Shoaib Cooling Center Muslim Market 0334-6945760
Shafqat Gilani Electronics Eid Gah Road  0306-7461095
Safdar Electronics Jahan Shah Road 0343-7599915
Ali Cooling Center Janobi Bazaar  0333-6203061
Imran Refrigeration Serves Lally Lal Road 0300-8765801
Asim Electronics Sugar Mills Road 0307-2647227
Imran Electronics Chobara Road  0301-6414431
Ghafar Repairing Center Chobara Road  414430
Farhan Electronics Sugar Mills Road  0306-7848577
Capital Refrigerator Serves Chowk Fawara 0302-7842189
Kashi Cooling Center Hospital Road  0306-8664074
Girwan Electronics Housing II  0306-7840529
Layyah Air Conditioner Center 0300-6763167
Mian Refrigeration Muslim Market  0300-8762176
Malik Engineering Serves Chowk Fawara  0300-6762410
Mukhtiar Electronics Lally Lal Road  0306-6765303
Marher Radio Serves Cinema Road  0300-6356484
Mirza Mazhar Electronics Masjid Wali Dad 0302-8763934
Masha Allah Electrical Behram Road  0301-7849121


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