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Union Council wise Information

Name of Union Council:

Karor Thal Jandi.

Area Dimension:

Areas Covered in this UC:

1.  Karor Nasheb Patti Ali Murad

2.  Karor Nasheb Patti Baha-Ud-Din

3.  Karor Nasheb Patti Miani

4.  Karor Nasheb Patti Yousaf

5.  Karor Thal Jandi Baroon

6.  Chak No. 86/TDA

7.  Chak No. 94-A/TDA

8.  Chak No. 94/TDA

9.  Chak No. 95/TDA

10. Chak No. 82/TDA

11. Chak No. 84/TDA

12. Chak No. 85/TDA

13. Chak No. 84-A/TDA

14. Chak No. 85-A/TDA

15. Chak No. 87/TDA

16. Chak No. 88/TDA

17. Chak No. 83/TDA

18. Chak No. 86/TDA


Total Population:

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