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My vision about Layyah Online is to empower our society by helping each other with mutual understanding, love, sharing and supporting our fellow beings. We have always many resources around us but nobody has access to these resources or proper utilization, we can produce amazing results by sharing our available resources and utilizing them. Allah Almighty has blessed our land with every natural resources which is surely a gift of nature, we have amazing land to be cultivated, we have rivers and sun, we have dedicated honest and hardworking manpower, all we need is to share and working together, supporting each other and work united. I am proving this platform to share our ideas of development, ideas of growth and ultimately living a beautiful life enjoying our Allah’s countless blessing. Let’s join us and share your information with community.

Thank you & wish you a very loving, peaceful and a life with all blessings.

Muhammad Afzal Qureshi

CEO Society For Socio Economic Development Layyah
CEO The E Media Private Limited Islamabad
CEO Marvelous Tourism International

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Request For Prayers | Vote And Support

My dear fellows, I need your support and vote for the welfare of Lawyers Community, I shall work hard for the rule of Law, Acquisition of Land for Chamber for our new comer Lawyers, I will work for restoration of respect of Lawyers & acquisition of land for Lawyers Colony. 

Malik Shahnawaz Khokhar
Advocate High Court

Candidate for President,
Tehsil Bar Association Karor Lal Easen for
Year 2020-21

Call: 03338918811

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