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Written by Afzal

Rising poverty, shortages and run away prices of food and energy have broken the back of Pakistan’s economy. The lingering power crisis has cut productivity by half. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and SMEs have gone bankrupt and have been shut down. Pakistan’s economy has been bleeding since late 2007 and a rising number of people are finding it impossible to make ends meet and feed their families.

Current Situation Of Pakistan:

More than 70 per cent of Pakistanis live under $2 per day, and almost half of them depend on daily wages. In the absence of any industries or workplaces to go to, hundreds of thousands of people have no work and income. According to the Lahore-based Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, the number of suicides has been rising across the country due to poverty and inability of people to feed children and families.

The most powerful gift of successful democracies around the world – governments of the people; by the people; and for the people; is the provision of opportunities to sustain an honest, just, safe, secure and productive human existence. Political consensus, tolerance and commitment to overcoming the most pressing challenges must top Pakistan’s national agenda. The ruling political parties in Pakistan have had their due share of trouble and trauma in the last decade. Their bitter and sweet experiences, however, still seem to have had little affect on them to rise above self and work for collective national development.

Pakistan is faced with many challenges. But these challenges should be viewed by the political parties in Pakistan as an opportunity to show maturity and method in tacking the socio-economic crises that have given rise to resentment, anger and helpless rage. For things to get better in Pakistan, the government needs to shake off the state of economic inertia and ensure that its policy and decision makers get in gear before it is too late.

Searching For Peace And Prosperity !

There is much human beings could learn from Ants. They always manage to find a way to get to where they want to, and are not putt off or give up when faced with a hurdle or a wall much bigger than their own size.The world leaders of today are faced with many challenges that have grown beyond their control. Fixing the entire blame on those in charge of countries and states would be unfair, however, and ignoring what led to those challenges becoming stark realities of life would be unwise.

The fast pace of environmental degredation, painfully high prices of energy, depleting water resrvoirs and resoruces, and shortages of food and staple are an outcome of collective human neglect, as well as lack of planning, indiffernce and reluctance to put a stitch in time to save nine. The established and emerging champions of development and prosperity ought to think harder. People of the world, espeically in the poor and developing countries, need not be deprived of basic amenities of life.

Development-focused efforts, with malice and bias towards none, could rid the world of many man-made challenges including hunger, poverty, healthcare, education and basic human rights. Progressive and benevolent minds and bodies are indeed working across the globe to bring hope and help to millions of people in need. But they can only do enough to meet the immediate and most pressing needs in disaster and war-struck countries, as well as conflict areas.

With a little help from their project development and financial advisers, the rich and affluent could make the world a better and more peaceful place for those exposed to poverty, hunger and death. Ensuring that hundreds of millions of people feel safe and secure in their own countries, would strenghthen global security. Anyone thinking that having lots of poor and hungry neigbours would not have an impact on their own well being in the days and years to come, needs sound advice.

Indifference only breeds contempt. Leaving millions of people without hope and in conditions that continue to deteriorate, will only breed hatred and decadence that could easily spill over and spread like gangrene. Efforts, initiatives, development plans and programmes continue to win applause at global summits and conferences. But sustainable projects that make a positve difference at the grassroots level are still far and few. The challenges are many and mighty, but the human spirit is mightier than them all – or is it?

NGO’s and Welfare Organizations Layyah:

Name Business No.
Ass Welfare Society Mohallah Buzdaran 318673
Qamer Ul Zaman Khokhar (Director) 0333-6763473
Abad (Braey Barani Aria) Housing Colony 412312
IDSP Near GPO 315195
Zahid Riaz Afridy 0300-6767868
Insan Dost (Monawer Iqbal Baloch) 0300-6441533
Anjman Tajran Layyah Office 413511
Ujala Development Organization 315975
Safdar Raza Naqvi 0300-6764796
Al Sheikh Welfare Society Basheer Abad 410355
Al Mehmood Welfare Organization 410319
Al Haq Life Care Trust  Jinah Park 0306-8763627
Ahsas Welfare Society (Frokh Cheema) 0300-6761157
Anjum Rafah Aam 5 Marla Sachem 319543
Muhammad Javaid Durrani 0300-8767569
Bismillah Welfare Society Mohallah Gojranwala 0308-6761394
Bhutta Mazdoor Union (Manzoor Balouch) 0300-6766174
Pilot Welfare Society  Mohallah Sheikhanwala 0333-8911052
Professional Lens Society Housing Colony 315806
Punjab Rural Sports Program Employees 411447
Muhammad Yousaf (District Manager) 0300-4929008
Geo Humdard Society Shareef Pura 220184
Arshad Mehmood Chana (Sadar) 0302-6766676
Molvi Zafar Iqbal (Sirprast) 0306-7471587
Jinah Welfare Society 0300-8760796
Doaba Foundation Housing Colony 412148
Mazhar Iqbal Arien 0300-6769377
Roshani Welfare Society Wahdat Colony 0300-6762466
Zohra Memorial Trust Near District Council 411889
Aziz Ahmed Foundation Jogi Morr 0307-8769478
Awami Development Organization Housing II 412571
Shehzad Gul Sheikh (Sadar) 0333-6203700
Coil Development Organization 0343-6668880
Community Development Organization 410261
Sheikh Abdul Raheem (Sadar) 0300-6760195
Sardar Khan Wariech Foundation 0305-6965605
Society For Socio Economic Development  410182
Muhammad Afzal Quershi (Chairman)  0333-8918811
Sahara Welfare Society Near National Bank 0300-6767310
South Punjab Welfare Society 0331-6802977
Saiban Welfare Organization 0300-4439779
Qadri Welfare Trust (Mushtaq Langha) 0332-4626136
Layyah Civil Society Network 0333-6202803
Muslim Welfare Mohallah Chandiya 0300-6760577
Madad Foundation Near Pul Layyah Mainer 412642
Naseem Akhtar Janjoa (Sadar) 0300-7310642
Mari Stops Society Alsam Morr 410901–2
North Foundation Mohallah Qadir Abad 0321-6799666
National Ruffai Organization 410488
National Commission For Human Development 415091
Manzoor Hussain Kanjal (Chairman) 0300-6760274
Women Community Center TDA Chowk 410605
Human Rights Organization Eid Gah 0301-7848013

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