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A passionate muslim and a proud Pakistani.
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I want to join a platform for mutual benefits and interests.
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Layyah Online is opening membership for the citizens of Layyah. The purpose of the membership is to develop a community of like minded people who want to strengthen their voice against their rights. The people who wish to share their issues, concerns and resources to form a community where everyone can get benefit mutually. If […]

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Education in Pakistan is overseen by the government Ministry of Education and the provincial governments, whereas the federal government mostly assists in curriculum development, accreditation and some financing of research. The education system in Pakistan is generally divided into five levels: Primary (grades one through five); Middle (grades six through eight); High (grades nine and […]

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Rising poverty, shortages and run away prices of food and energy have broken the back of Pakistan’s economy. The lingering power crisis has cut productivity by half. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and SMEs have gone bankrupt and have been shut down. Pakistan’s economy has been bleeding since late 2007 and a rising number of people are finding it impossible to make ends meet and feed their families.

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Layyah District (formerly spelled Leiah) is bounded to the north by Bhakkar District and to the east by Jhang District. The Indus River flows to its western side across which lies District Dera Ghazi Khan and to the south Muzaffargarh District.

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Not everyone is born bursting with sunshine, but this intel can bring us all a little closer to our happy place

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As we discovered during our travels, recipes for well-being can vary dramatically from one culture to the next. In Denmark, citizens feel well cared for by their government, knowing their needs will be met for health care, education, and many other social benefits. By contrast, Mexicans rely on strong relationships with friends and family, on a supercharged […]

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Coffee and lemons don’t go together that well
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District Government Layyah is the core administration under Divisional Administration of Dera Ghazi Khan. Many administrators played their vital role in development of this historical city. The administration has department and sub departments heading with a Chief Officer. We will write soon further details about administration in Layyah The Development of a city is not […]

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